Kiawamururu AA, Nyeri Kenya - Filter Roast

Candied Lemon, Blackberry, Cocoa


  • Kiawamururu AA, Nyeri Kenya - Filter Roast
  • Kiawamururu AA, Nyeri Kenya - Filter Roast
  • Kiawamururu AA, Nyeri Kenya - Filter Roast
  • Kiawamururu AA, Nyeri Kenya - Filter Roast

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ALTITUDE 1,500 meters above sea level
VARIETY SL28 Batian and Ruiru 11
WASHING STATION Kiawamururu Factory
MANAGER Daniel Mwangi


Kiawamururu coffee factory was initially under the great Mukurwe-ini society which disintegrated in the early 1990’s and it later joined Rumukia society in 2004 after 4 societies with 8 factories amalgamated. Kiawamururu Factory is wholly owned by member coffee growers and affiliated to Rumukia Farmers’ co-operative society. 
This factory is registered by Coffee Board of Kenya (CBK No. - XAC009/F03). A total of 561 active members out of 705 registered members deliver their coffee to the factory.

Kiawamururu coffee factory is 160 Km from Narobi and 4.5 Km from Mukurwe-ini town along the Nairobi – Nyeri highway. This area lies at an altitude of 1500 MASL on the fertile foothills of Mt. Kenya and Aberdare ranges slope. This region is reputed for its high quality coffee and commonly referred to as the home of Kenyan coffee.

This region has deep and fertile soils rich in organic matter with high water retention capacity. The soils have a good structure providing good drainage and aeration for the coffee trees.

This region lies in the upper midland zone 1 (UM1) agro-ecological zone which is relatively cool with abundant and reliable rainfall. Temperatures range between 13 C and 26 C with low temperatures experienced in June – July and high temperatures in January – February. This region receives abundant rainfall throughout the year due to its favorable geographic location. The precipitation received follows a bi-modal pattern with wet periods in March – June and October - December.
After harvesting farmers deliver their coffee to the factory on the same day. They sort and grade the cherry which is weighed, recorded and pulped on the very day. Primary processing involves pulping of the cherry skins using a 4 disc Aaggard Pulper machine clean water sourced from river Ragati using channels.
Great care is taken to sustain bean quality, and secure the highly valued bluish-greyish green raw bean colour by proper fermentation and slow sun drying of the pulped coffee. Rewetting of dry coffee and over fermentation is avoided to ensure quality. Drying is conducted in two phases, the wet to black stage rapid step and the black to white stage conducted slowly and well monitored. On the drying tables parchment is turned continuously to protect it from hot temperatures and ensure even drying. The coffee is dried to a moisture level of 10.5% - 11% and stored in conditioning bins awaiting delivery to the mill.
This region is abounding with rich wildlife due to its proximity to forests and members are educated on the importance of preserving these species. Some of the wildlife includes; snakes, deer, hare, weaverbirds, owl and hawks among others.
Additionally numerous wetlands and rivers are found here and are preserved in their natural state. Indigenous plant species like Mugumo tree are found in this region. Kiawamururu Coffee factory is run by a factory manager. The permanent staff duties include weighing coffee, selection and grading of coffee, paying farmers and addressing farmers’ complaints. Coffee Management services does the marketing for the coffee from this farm.), which is professional farm Management Company. An experienced senior agronomist from CMS Ltd provides advisory support for the farm.

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